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Many people wonder how the horses are so gifted at this work. The answer lies in the HEART. The horse’s electromagnetic heart energy is 5 times greater than the human’s, reflecting an acute sensitivity to their surroundings that is necessary for their survival. As animals preyed upon in nature, horses have retained a highly developed ability to sense changes in the energies of their environment and in the stance and arousal of other herd members. This is an ability they easily transfer to interactions in the FEEL work, reading and responding to even the slightest incongruities of our emotions and intentions. It is the power of hearts connecting that engages us in the experiential learning that comes through FEEL.

The power of connection takes us out of our minds and our habitual energy of “doing” into the rich sensory landscape of the body and heart and into “being”, connected to the moment and a more heart-centred, authentic self.

heart of the horse
Heart of the horse - FEEL Alumni

In the FEEL work, the horses collaborate freely, with a full heart, choosing if, when and how to participate. This liberty empowers the FEEL horse to develop the creativity and clarity of their responses as a language for sharing their innate wisdom.

By listening to the intuition and emotional intelligence of the heart, we can develop meaningful relationships and our capacity to connect with others. In FEEL, human and horse hearts meet in a palpable, non-verbal connection. The horse’s heart beats 3 times slower than the human’s. This heart-centered slowing down alongside the horse eases us into being more embodied within ourselves and more present to others. “Horse time” is a gateway into a new depth of perception and understanding of ourselves.


“My encounter provided me with such commanding insights into my personal history, it took several days of filling up journal pages before I felt as though I had surrendered it all. This was a precipice that has catapulted me into a space of sacred reflection and gentle acceptance that might have taken years to uncover in another therapeutic modality.”

– Faith, Newmarket, ON

“An introduction to the magic of nature that I cannot recommend highly enough. I experienced first hand the intelligence and wisdom of horses, the way they artfully mirror your emotions and communicate the information you need to know. The result is an opening to a whole other dimension of experience for which I am grateful. Wonderful!”

– J. Warren, Toronto, ON