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Horses embody beauty, grace, power and liberty. Whether we meet them in the field or encounter them in our imagination, we are inspired by their presence and the breath of freedom, courage and spirit they evoke.

In FEEL, we as practitioners and collaborators in heart, rise to meet the horses in an empowering relationship they offer to us, opening our hearts to listen to their message.

Horses have existed on planet earth for millions of years, retaining a close connection with their ancestors and maintaining the instincts and behaviour of their ancient lineage. Horses invite us into another world – they show us our higher self and give us ways to access our greatest potential. Not only does this lead to humans realizing a higher spiritual potential, but it also fosters for horses a higher level of awareness to their own species wisdom. This harmonizing of wisdom continues to expand the bonds between horses and humans.

the horse


“I found the horses to be some of the most insightful creatures. I had never expected that a horse could steer my direction so profoundly just through a few interactions. This is for anyone who is on a journey towards personal wisdom and fulfillment. If you are into energy work, then these horses will blow your mind.”

– M. Engel, Toronto, ON

“In meeting with the horses there are no requirements or demands, just silent mutual respect and presence.”

– A. Lundenmarker, Stockholm, Sweden