Horses bring us to a deeper connection with our world where we see everything alive with spirit.  They provide a powerful pathway to reconnect with divine consciousness. 

For thousands of years horses have been the subject of mythology. In the Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanovs’ groundbreaking book, she writes of the mythology of horses;” In legends told throughout the Far East, central Asia, Europe and the Middle East, horses were considered mediums between the spirit and material worlds.  To Siberian shamans, horses were perceived as carrying riders between the seen and unseen realms, or leading people to some form of lost knowledge.” 

Horses have existed on planet earth for millions of years retaining an uncanny connection with their ancestors and maintaining the instincts and behaviour of their ancient lineage. Rupert Sheldrake’s work speaks of the possible existence of a “morphogenetic field,” a collective memory for each species that influences the form of living organisms.

Within FEEL we understand the horses to be teachers and honor the wisdom they bring to the human world. In this way we collaborate with the horses, understanding their role as the key to transformation and healing. Honouring the horse as teacher means that we understand that they have access to wisdom that is not available to humans. Their ways are purer than ours in that they have no judgments, grudges, ulterior motives nor expectations. They have presence and connection that often eludes us. Working with horses allows us access to presence, connection, understanding and illumination. As they carried the shamans of Siberia, they take us to places where we cannot go on our own.

This connection to the horse species consciousness leads to a sharing of divine awareness between species. Not only does this lead to humans realizing a higher spiritual potential, it fosters for horses a higher level of awareness to their own species wisdom.  This harmonizing of wisdom continues to expand the bonds between horses and humans and will take us both on an exhilarating journey.

Spirituality encapsulates an understanding of the world as greater than what can be seen, felt, heard or understood. Horses invite us into another world – they show us our higher self and give us ways to access our greatest potential.