What is FEEL?
Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning
– FEEL is a leading-edge modality for developing human potential. In experiential interactions with horses people gain self-knowledge and acquire skills leading to positive life changes. 

FEEL Alumni

The FEEL Alumni is a membership based association of FEEL graduates who come together to foster the partnership and spiritual connection with horses.

OUR VISION – To create and hold a sacred space of possibility where horses and FEEL graduates build a dynamic, authentic community  to co-create and empower one another, strengthen the horse-human bond and give a voice to the wisdom and spirit of the horse.

OUR MISSION - The mission of the Feel Alumni is to provide empowerment for both horse and human. By creating and maintaining a membership based community this alumni supports and gives direction to the vision with public representation, sharing knowledge and new ideas, networking, education, marketing and ongoing spiritual connections to horses. The Feel Alumni Wheel is the alumni’s expression of its objectives and the Feel Alumni website is the main foundation for collaboration and communication.

Members and horses work authentically to honour each other, the work they do and the horse – human bond.